Off season is the best season.

It would be simpler to share all my favorite places to buy Halloween decor if this were actually October, but the benefit of it being the off season is the savings. I was in a Chapters/Indigo yesterday and after perusing the endless aisles of books I found myself in the gift section. Scratch that, I be-lined for the gift section as soon as stepping through the doors and then hit the sales racks, I am one of those people who shops at Chapters for the gift wrap and papyrus cards, which by the way are gorg. So back to the sale rack, what did I find, well, among the mess I found the Edgar Allan Poe boxed candle and diffuser...eeekkk! Yes, I let out a squeal like a little child, total shocker. Anyways the candle was $5 and the diffuser was $10 but here is the real shocker, did I buy them, no! Why do you ask I am not sure, am I heading back today to get them, YES! Oh the joy of hunt. Finding something like this, at this time of year at this price, golden. I found them online but its for the set of four which includes other authors and is no longer available online only in store. I feel the need for another trip to Chapters...

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